Our History

The BIGGBY® COFFEE Brand Story

Born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan, BIGGBY® COFFEE is a franchised QSR company with strong ties to the communities that it’s part of. This is our story and we’re proud to share it with you!


The BIGGBY® COFFEE Brand Story

Two unconventional guys, a long walk, and a handshake.


That’s how BIGGBY® COFFEE began.


This guy Mike and this other guy, Bob, decided to go for a walk. Four hours later, a friendship was born—and a partnership was sealed. It turned out Bob and Mike had a lot in common, which made that stroll all the more enjoyable. Well, that and comfortable shoes. They had both traveled the world. They both loved coffee. And they both understood that coffee brings people together.


The specialty coffee business was already booming. But Bob and Mike had their own idea about what their coffee shop would be like, and how it would be different.


Walk through the door of any BIGGBY® COFFEE, and you immediately feel welcome. If the baristas don’t know you by name, they soon will. Still in your pajamas? Expect a high five for that! And when you order? The trickiest terminology you’ll need to master will be drink names Caramel Marvel® and Teddy Bear®.


Welcoming. Unintimidating. Fun. BIGGBY® COFFEE is a come-as-you-are and be-who-you-are kind of place! It’s where old friends gather. And new friends are made.


These relationships are what make BIGGBY® COFFEE different from other coffee shops. It’s why customers keep coming back. And it’s why Mike and Bob decided to expand. They’d built more than a business. They’d built a community of fanatics!


So they asked themselves, “What if? What if we built a much larger community? What if community could be the cornerstone of a successful business?”


In 1999, they welcomed aspiring business owners into the BIGGBY® COFFEE family. And now? BIGGBY® COFFEE is the fastest-growing coffee shop in the U.S., with franchises stretching across Michigan and eight other states.


So what does the future hold? Lots more BIGGBY® COFFEE shops, both in Michigan and around the country. Because as far as Mike and Bob are concerned, when you love people as much as we do, you can never have too many friends!

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