How Much Can I Make?

BIGGBY® COFFEE franchise offers a path to build the life you love

Franchising with BIGGBY® COFFEE is a decision to improve your life for the better. As a brand where all locations are franchised, this is a decision that we take seriously.

Since we began franchising in 1995, BIGGBY® COFFEE has grown rapidly in the Midwest and beyond, with over 260 locations across 13 states. In that time, we’ve won millions of fans, have made communities stronger, and most importantly, have helped our franchise owners achieve their goals of owning a successful coffee shop in the places they live and love.

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The true measurement of our success as a brand is how successful our franchise owners are in their stores. We’re proud to say that the majority of our growth over the last 20+ years has come from our existing franchise owners investing in their second, third and fourth locations. We’re proud that our business model has helped propel almost 50% of our franchise owners into multi-unit ownership. This is truly the sign of a healthy franchise system.

“It’s fabulous to serve people a cup of coffee and make a dollar off of it, but what’s really meaningful is to help people build the life they love,” says Bob Fish, CEO and co-founder of BIGGBY® COFFEE. “If it’s all about money, that’s okay – we have a system that works – but BIGGBY® COFFEE appeals to people who have a higher calling. Our franchise owners are people who love their communities, love their employees, and love making people happy. Their passion is what enables them to do so well, and as a franchisor, it’s our responsibility to take their passion and help them succeed. That’s what sets our BIGGBY® COFFEE franchise opportunity apart from other brands, and it’s why our franchise owners continue to reinvest by opening multiple locations.”

BIGGBY® COFFEE boasts higher than average sales compared to the rest of the coffee shop industry. Our business model is designed to help our franchise owners maximize profitability and operate nimbly and effectively. This proves that our shops are streamlined to reduce ongoing costs, and our simple menu is engineered for speed and efficiency.

A simple to run coffee shop with low operating costs, exceptional products, and incredible customer service is a business that any passionate, community-driven entrepreneur can get behind.

The Numbers Tell the Story

For a deeper dive into how well our franchise owners do in their stores, please review Item 19 from our most recent franchise disclosure document below:

Annual Drive-Thru Unit Sales for 2020

Number of Stores Average Store Sales Number At/Above Average Percent At/Above Average Median Store Sales Highest Store Sales Lowest Store Sales
Systemwide 143 $759,379 67 47% $745,069 $1,608,964 $375,902
Top Quarter 36 $1,030,586 14 39% $976,869 $1,608,964 $866,117
Upper Middle 36 $805,615 16 44% $769,914 $865,174 $745,069
Lower Middle 35 $685,426 21 60% $700,657 $738,682 $614,873
Bottom Quartile 36 $513,835 17 47% $511,769 $613,534 $375,902

Annual Non-Drive-Thru Unit Sales for 2020

Number of Stores Average Store Sales Number At/Above Average Percent At/Above Average Median Store Sales Highest Store Sales Lowest Store Sales
Systemwide 59 $443,438 26 44% $413,937 $954,375 $184,490
Top Quarter 14 $665,590 4 29% $633,977 $954,375 $515,895
Upper Middle 15 $466,417 6 40% $460,522 $509,420 $422,913
Lower Middle 15 $380,208 5 33% $386,217 $413,937 $346,313
Bottom Quartile 15 $276,347 7 47% $264,843 $334,280 $184,490

Ready to take advantage of our BIGGBY® COFFEE franchise opportunity?

BIGGBY® COFFEE is actively seeking passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to make a difference. With wide-open territory available in prime markets, BIGGBY® COFFEE is an affordable, low barrier to entry business opportunity that is designed to help you build the life you love. Are you ready to make the leap? Fill out an inquiry form on this website, and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

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