What’s Special About Our Culture?

BIGGBY® COFFEE franchise is all about people

Why do so many people love BIGGBY® COFFEE? It’s simple – we exist to love people.

When you love the world, the world loves you back! Our franchise was founded in 1995 by two friends, who are still the Co-CEOs, for the simple purpose of loving people and sharing great coffee. This unwavering and clear focus is why we have millions of fans across the country, and why our franchise owners continue to reinvest in the brand by opening multiple locations.

“The culture of BIGGBY® COFFEE is happy,” says Kris Kildea, owner of seven BIGGBY® COFFEE locations. “We’re not a typical franchise. We’re all about helping each other. From the owners, to our employees, to our customers, we’re in business to improve people’s lives, to make people’s day a little bit better and to realize our own individual goals. It’s a great brand to be a part of because we’re really supported not only by corporate and by our franchise owners but also by our customers who really love us.”

When you take care of your community, they take care of you

Every BIGGBY® COFFEE shop is owned and operated locally by franchise owners, and when you franchise with BIGGBY® COFFEE, becoming a part of your community is essential.

Our franchise owners are encouraged to get involved with everything that happens in their communities. We found that this level of engagement and enthusiasm brings people to our locations and creates a relationship where people are excited to support our franchise owners because they know them.

When our customers show up, they’re treated with kindness, respect, and affection. It’s this level of customer service that fosters loyalty, and ultimately, drives sales.

“Owning a BIGGBY® COFFEE is a lot like running for mayor,” says Diane Parker, owner of a BIGGBY® COFFEE franchise in Flat Rock, Michigan. “We get involved with everything, and you meet so many people. Your customers become your friends – you truly get to know them and love them. It’s such an amazing experience to own a business that allows you to become a vital part of people’s lives.”


50% of coffee we purchase is Farm-Direct


Every gram of coffee that goes into your cup comes from somewhere… from someone. Co-CEO, Bob Fish and his wife Michelle are traveling the globe to find coffee farmers that are doing the right thing for their people, their communities, and our planet. Sustainability is the key. By buying their coffee crop in a Conscious way, meaning at a fair price, we can all be sure that what we drink everyday is making a purposeful difference to all of the Stakeholders and BIGGBY Nation. BIGGBY® COFFEE fanatics consume around 2,000,000 pounds of our coffee a year. By 2023, half of that is sourced directly from farmers we know (and you will too) who are making the world a better place.

We invite you to be right there with us as we meet the families and learn their names and their stories. Together, we will explore what it means to be on our ”One BIGG Island in Space”… oneness without boundaries.

Ready to Join the BIGGBY® COFFEE franchise culture?

BIGGBY® COFFEE is actively seeking passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to make a difference. With wide-open territory available in prime markets, BIGGBY® COFFEE is an affordable, low barrier to entry business opportunity that is designed to help you build the life you love. Are you ready to make the leap? Fill out an inquiry form on this website, and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

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