What Are Our Business Models?

BIGGBY® COFFEE Franchise has several real estate formats to make entering a new market easier than ever before

When you decide to open a BIGGBY® COFFEE business in a new market, it’s essential that you choose the best location – and you don’t do this on your own. BIGGBY® COFFEE has a whole team of experienced real estate professionals who will help you navigate through the process of choosing the best location, negotiating your lease, and overseeing the buildout and construction process.

To help make things even easier, BIGGBY® COFFEE has developed several real estate formats to ensure that you get the ideal real-estate location, as well as give you the ability to scale up to multiple locations in your market.

biggby coffee business

Modular Drive-Thru Only Model

This is a revolutionary drive-thru and walk-up design that comes in three parts that can be assembled in a matter of hours and running as quickly as utility connections can be made. The entire footprint including building and drive lanes will take up the equivalent of 20-30 parking spaces, and that’s exactly where it’s intended to go. We help you vet large parking lots that are anchored to other businesses, and because it takes up such a small footprint, you save on rent, labor, and other costs of doing business. This model is primarily a drive-thru, with a walk-up option and minimal outdoor seating. It’s designed to give your community coffee on the go. As a result, it’s one of the most affordable models in the entire coffee shop segment, and because of its built-in pieces, you can pick up and move it if a better location becomes available.

biggby coffee business

Lobby & Drive-Thru

This model is designed to help you create a beautiful coffee shop in your community, while also delivering coffee on the go. With two points of purchase, you are able to serve a fast-paced cup of coffee through the drive-thru window while also creating an indoor space for people to sit and enjoy a leisurely beverage. While the footprint required is flexible, we will help you find a location that helps you reduce rent and labor costs in highly desirable, highly trafficked strip centers in your community.

biggby coffee business

Lobby Model

This is a traditional coffee shop model that is perfect for a strip center. With a small footprint of 1,200 sq. ft. on average, this model helps you save on rent in highly desirable locations. The small footprint also saves on labor, as you only need three to four employees working at a time to deliver the exceptional customer experience that BIGGBY® COFFEE is known for and to make your location feel like a home away from home.

Kiosk Model

BIGGBY® COFFEE has created a model that is ideal for hospitals, college campuses, airports, and more. Our kiosks are simple to operate by design and flexible in the way menu option can be displayed. Owning this model is also advantageous as the limited footprint also means more opportunities for more affordable lease agreements.

BIGGBY® COFFEE locations are all unique – and if you find a beautiful building or even a fixer-upper with tremendous potential, we will help you convert the building into a beautiful BIGGBY® COFFEE shop.

If you have the perfect spot for a BIGGBY® COFFEE in your market, we will help you find a model that fits your needs.

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